Our Services
  1. Appointments
    Appointments are available Monday to Friday.
  2. Referrals
    The practice is approved to accept referrals from your local GP under the Better Access for Mental Health program (Medicare rebates available) and through NSW Victim Services. Also private consultation
  3. Aged Care Case Management
    Concerned about the wellbeing of an older parent or family member. For a Comprehensive assessment, help with referrals, and information on local services Contact Joy for an appointment
    Aged Care Case Management
  4. Counselling
    Counselling is provided using a variety of therapeutic methods including Cognitive Behavioural therapy, Narrative therapy, Mindfulness skills and creative interventions
  5. Still Have Questions
    Contact Joy on 0403 933 070 to discuss your individual situation or make and enquiry through our 'contact' page.
    Still Have Questions